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Has the IRS recently reached out to you about taxes you owe? The IRS is a huge entity and dealing with them can seem like a daunting task. Make sure when you discuss your case with the IRS that you have a qualified tax law firm at your side. Fraser, Wheeler & Courtney, LLP has the expertise to see that you’re treated fairly.

Professional IRS tax attorneys in Lake Charles, Louisiana, help ensure that you get the tax relief you need. In many cases, not hiring a tax attorney to look over your case can be costly. With our specialized knowledge of taxes, you have a better chance of attainting a more affordable payment plan. We also work to decrease your tax penalties as much as possible.

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IRS issues can affect more than just your finances. Knowing that you have taxes that you can’t afford to pay back can be demoralizing and personally crippling. Our attorneys help provide you peace of mind. We create a detailed and comprehensive debt restructure plan that shows how you can start paying back the taxes you owe. No matter how dire your situation may be, rely on us for help. We’re here to listen and to provide a custom solution to your specific problem.

Contact our firm, at 337-478-8595 (press 2 to reach Denise), to set up a consultation with our attorney. We proudly serve clients in Lake Charles and all of Southwest Louisiana.

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