Primary Practice Areas

Let our experienced attorneys assist you in any of our areas of practice.

Business Law

If you are trying to operate a business, but keep running into legal technicalities, rely on our business lawyers for comprehensive legal services in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Estate Law

Trust the planning of your estate with our reputable law firm. Our extensive experience with estate law in Lake Charles, Louisiana, has established us as the area’s preferred provider of estate planning.

Estate Litigation

Are you involved in a legal battle regarding the estate of a loved one? When it comes to matters of estate litigation, you need a knowledgeable lawyer on your side to represent your best interests and that of the estate in question.

Litigation Law

Our firm handles both plantiff and defense general litigation cases in Lake Charles, Louisiana. General litigation refers to litigation, of course, but also other aspects of law which may or may not actually be litigious in nature.

Probate Law

Protect your family and your estate by trusting Fraser, Wheeler & Courtney, LLP, the law firm that specializes in probate law in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Our clients benefit from our many years of legal experience and our deep familiarity with probate law.

Tax Law

Has the IRS recently reached out to you about taxes you owe? The IRS is a huge entity and dealing with them can seem like a daunting task. Make sure when you discuss your case with the IRS that you have a qualified tax law firm at your side.

Will and Trust Law

If you are looking for the aid of a qualified lawyer for wills in Lake Charles, Louisiana, look no further than Fraser, Wheeler & Courtney, LLP. We are here to help create a legally sound will that details how your assets should be divided upon your passing.

Securities Law

Securities law is part transactional, part regulatory, and part litigation Our experienced attorneys can help navigate the complexities of securities law in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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